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E-form Contractor Grading Land Disturbance Permit Application

  1. Land Disturbance Permit Application
  2. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for processing.
    You will be notified by email once your permit is ready for payment.
  3. Construction Inspection Office (864) 467-8890
    ***A Land Disturbance Permit may not be purchased until after a Site Plan Permit and if applicable, a Stormwater Permit, have been approved..***
  5. *Business name (as it appears on the City Business License):
  7. State Licensing Agency (Choose One):**
  10. Select One Based On Disturbed Area:*
  11. Select One Based On Volume of the Stormwater System:*
  12. Total Fee = Disturbed Area Fee + Volume of Stormwater System Fee
    1. No land disturbing activity may begin until after a Site Plan Permit and if applicable, a Stormwater Permit, have been approved for the site.
    2. The City of Greenville Construction Inspection Bureau shall be notified by the permit holder at (864) 467-8890 a minimum of 72 hours prior to beginning construction. A Pre-Construction Conference must be held for each construction site prior to the implementation of land disturbing activities.
    3. A stamped and approved set of site plans must remain on-site at all times.
    4. Any review / acceptance by the City of Greenville does not relieve the contractor or subcontractors from meeting all code / ordinance requirements (South Carolina Code of Laws Sections 40-11-110 and 40-59-90).
    5. All erosion prevention and sediment control plans and inspection documentation (e.g., SWPPP Book, certification statements, inspection records, maintenance records, and rainfall data) shall be retained at the construction site or, if approved by the City, at a nearby location easily accessible during normal business hours, from the date of commencement of construction activities to the date that final stabilization is reached. All plans and documents shall be updated as required per SC NPDES General Permit SCR100000.
    6. Properly signed and sealed as-built drawings of the stormwater plan showing all stormwater features including detention basin and water quality devices shall be submitted to the City within 30 days of permanent stabilization and prior to issuance of project acceptance by the City.
    7. The applicant shall be responsible for obtaining an Encroachment Permit from the City of Greenville prior to performing any work or construction activity within the City Right-of-Way. City Encroachment Permits may be obtained through the City Construction Inspection Bureau: (864) 467-8890.
    8. All retaining walls four (4) feet and greater in height when measured from the bottom of the footing to the top of the wall must be designed by a Professional Engineer registered in South Carolina. All engineered retaining walls require a retaining wall permit and must be submitted to the Building Codes Department for review and approval.
    9. Engineered retaining walls must be inspected by an independent, third party inspector and certified by a third party, qualified geotechnical and/or structural engineer licensed in South Carolina. The subgrade, foundation, reinforcement, materials and the overall construction shall be certified for compliance with the plans and specifications. The certification shall be supported with all necessary inspection records and submitted to the City of Greenville Construction Inspector prior to requesting a Certificate of Occupancy.
    10. A proposed new structure shall have an individual, separate and direct service connection to the City wastewater main. The service connection shall adhere to the following:
    a. A new connection to an existing wastewater main shall conform to City of Greenville specifications and details. All service connections shall be inspected by the City of Greenville Building Codes Division. Hammer taps are prohibited. All connections shall be with a tapping saddle, Romac Industries CB Sewer Saddle or approved equal. See details 25:00-25:02 on the City's Design and Specifications Website:
    b. Service connections shall not be made at an existing manhole without prior written approval and under the direction of the City Engineer.
    c. Prior to utilizing an existing service connection, the existing service connection must be tested to ensure that it conforms to City of Greenville performance requirements. The owner/contractor may be required to produce supporting documentation that City of Greenville standards are being met prior to reuse of the existing service connection.
    d. Install a cleanout at the connection of the new building sewer to the existing service connection. This connection must be made approximately 1 foot outside of the right-of-way in conformance with City of Greenville standard drawings.
    e. The cleanout shall be watertight and shall conform to the City of Greenville standard drawings.
    f. When the building sewer is extended from the building drain to the existing service connection, the building sewer and its appurtenances must be permitted through and inspected by the City of Greenville Building Codes Division.
    g. Excavation for service connection shall not expose the existing service connection for more than 24 hours, and upon completion, the disturbed area shall immediately be stabilized.
    h. Connection shall not be made during periods where rain is expected.
    i. Roof drains and other stormwater drainage shall not be connected to the sanitary sewer.
    j. The applicant shall be responsible to properly terminate any abandoned wastewater service connections according to current City of Greenville Standards and Specifications.
    k. The applicant shall be responsible for relocation and repair of unapproved taps at no cost to the City of Greenville.
    11. All grading permits expire twelve (12) months after the date of issuance, except that grading permits for approved planned developments to be constructed in phases shall automatically expire sixty (60) months after the date of issuance. After the expiration date, you will be required to submit another application with another fee.

    I certify that I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this permit, the Stormwater and Site Plan permit, the SCDHEC Construction General Permit (CGP), the approved plans and specifications, and the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for this site for which I have been contracted to perform construction related professional services.

    I hereby further state that the land disturbing activity will be accomplished pursuant to the approved plans and SCR100000 and that competent and responsible personnel will be assigned to the project.

    I understand that failure to implement control practices according to the approved plans will result in penalties as prescribed in the ordinance and/or in a stop-work order. I understand that I, and my company, as the case may be, may be legally accountable to the City of Greenville and/or SCDHEC, under the authorities of the CWA and the SC Pollution Control Act, to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the approved plans and specifications.

    Authorization is hereby granted to the City of Greenville and its agents to access all portions of the site at all times for the purpose of onsite inspections during the course of construction and to perform maintenance inspections following the completion of construction.
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