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Contractor E-form Non-Single Family Site Application attachments


  1. 1. Property Information
  2. 2. Other Permits
  3. 3. Site Plan Checklist
  4. 4. Tree Disturbance
  5. 5. Attachments
  6. 6. Disclaimer
  • Property Information

    1. This application is not to be used by the homeowner.
      All BP Applications, unless exempt by the Building Official, require one set of electronic plans. A land disturbance permit must be applied for and purchased by the licensed contractor once the site application is approved.
    2. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for processing.
      You will be notified by email once your permit is ready for payment.
    3. Instructions
      1. Please refer to Section 19-2.3.9, Site Plan Application, for additional information.
      2. There is a fee of $200.00, made payable to the City of Greenville.
      3. The following examples are illustrative of the types of activities requiring a site plan permit; final determination of the necessity for a permit and content of a site plan rests with the permit coordinator:
      a. All new construction
      b. Modifications affecting the existing gross floor area of a building or structure
      c. Modification, or enclosure, of building features originally exempt from zoning dimensional standards (porches, balconies, breezeways, etc.)
      d. Establishment of a land use at an existing, but currently-vacant, location
      e. Change from one use to another as reflected in sec 19-4.1.2, Table of Uses
      f. Development requiring the correction of nonconforming parking, screening, or landscaping
      4. The staff will review the application for “sufficiency” pursuant to section 19-2.2.6, Determination of Sufficiency. The staff will contact the applicant to correct any deficiencies which must be corrected prior to routing the application for review.
      5. Plan format and content requirements are reflected in the SITE PLAN CHECKLIST. Please verify that all required information is reflected on the plan.
    4. Agreement and Applicant Certification*
      By checking the I Agree box, I certify that I am an authorized agent for the company performing the work stated above and that all information provided is true. I further understand that if any information provided is found to be incorrect or falsely stated that this permit will be null and void and that I may be responsible for violation of other related state laws and local ordinances.

      I agree to conduct transactions with the City of Greenville by electronic means. I agree that the use of the name and date below in combination intends to serve as my signature authorization on permit applications and/or plans to be used for the review and issuance of building permits electronically. Any use of the name and date in combination binds me to the terms and conditions the same as my signature on the permit application. Additionally, I acknowledge that all permits applied for through this method may be delivered electronically.

      I certify to the best of my knowledge that this permit application contains all information required as referenced on the Site Plan Checklist.

      I, as the person wholly financially responsible for the completion of the proposed work according to the approved plans and specifications, hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand the requirements herein and agree to conform to all City of Greenville requirements.

      I hereby further state that the construction of the project will be accomplished pursuant to the approved plans and City of Greenville specifications and that competent and responsible personnel will be assigned to the project. Authorization is hereby granted to the City of Greenville and its agents to access all portions of the site at all times for the purpose of onsite inspections during the course of construction and to perform maintenance inspections following the completion of construction.

      I acknowledge that any review / acceptance by the City of Greenville does not relieve the contractor or subcontractors from meeting code / ordinance requirements of the City of Greenville and any applicable State codes (South Carolina Code of Laws Sections 40-11-110 and 40-59-90).
    5. Covenants & Restrictions*
      The applicant affirms that all information submitted with this application; including any/all supplemental information is true and correct to the best of their knowledge and they have provided full disclosure of the relevant facts. The applicant affirms that the tract or parcel of land subject of this application is, or is not, restricted by any recorded covenant that is contrary to, conflicts with, or prohibits, the requested activity.

      In the event the applicant is not the property owner, the applicant affirms that s/he has made due inquiry of the property owner concerning the existence of any such covenants.

      If the planning office has actual notice *that a restrictive covenant* is contrary to, conflicts with, or prohibits the requested activity, the office must not issue the permit unless the office receives confirmation from the applicant that the restrictive covenant has been released by action of the appropriate authority, property holders, or by court order.

      To that end, the applicant hereby affirms that the tract or parcel of land subject of the attached application *is ____ or is not ____ restricted by any recorded covenant that is contrary to, conflicts with, or prohibits the requested activity