Parks & Recreation


131 Falls Street
Suite 201-B
Greenville, SC 29601


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Name Title Email Phone
Prosser, Angie Interim Parks and Recreation Director 864-467-6627
Cuttino, Brad Recreation Administrator 864-467-4486
Smith, Drew Parks and Grounds Administrator 864-467-5796
Kinney, Edward Senior Landscape Architect 864-467-3296
Jordan, Christa Landscape Architect 864-467-5759
Owens, Calin Mobility Coordinator 864-467-4481
Young, Megan Business and Projects Manager 864-467-4380
Cox, Jan Recreation Programs Manager 864-467-8008
Pawlikowski, Tara Community Centers Manager 864-467-4351
Jones, Tim Athletics Programs Manager 864-467-8010
Douglas, Melissa Grounds Operations 864-467-4350
Mauldin, Brandy Administrative Assistant 864-467-4467
Whitfield, Kelly Administrative Assistant 864-467-4350
Vanadore, Jasmine Center Supervisor 864-467-4326
Porter, Gabriella Recreation Programs Coordinator 864-467-4423
Ellenwood, Kayla Athletics Program Coordinator 864-467-8011