Design Review Board


Official Public Notice



The City of Greenville, South Carolina
Public Notice

To:  Property Owners, Owners of property located within 500 feet of the following Applications, and Neighborhood Association Representatives.
From:   Planning and Development Staff
Subject:  Upcoming Applications for the Design Review Board – Urban Design Panel
Date:   10/23/2019

The City of Greenville Design Review Board – Urban Design Panel will hold a Public Hearing on Thursday, November 7, 2019 at 4:00 PM in the 10th Floor Council Chambers at City Hall, to consider the following Applications:

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A. Old Business
a. None
 . . . 


B. New Business (public hearing)
 . . . . 
a. CA 19-618
Application by HKW, LLC - Brad Weiser for a CERTIFICATE OF APPROPRIATENESS located at 100 N MARKLEY ST and parcels located at N MARKLEY ST and RHETT ST for architectural approval of a new hotel. (TM#s 007400-01-00500; 007400-01-00600; 007400-01-00700; 007400-01-00100; 007400-01-00300; 007400-01-00400)
 . . . . 
b. CA 19-552
Application by Good City Architects LLC - Ronald Geyer for a CERTIFICATE OF APPROPRIATENESS  located at 435 W WASHINGTON ST for architectural and site approval of a new religious building (TM#s 005000-02-00500; 005000-02-01400)
 . . . . 
c. CA 19-753
Application by St. Clair Signs for a CERTIFICATE OF APPROPRIATENESS located at 2640 LAURENS RD for installation of pylon signs at existing location. (TM# 026300-01-02200)
 . . . . 
d. CA 19-707
Application by St. Clair Signs for a CERTIFICATE OF APPROPRIATENESS located at 2750 LAURENS RD for installation of new signs at existing location. (TM# 027200-01-00800)
 . . . . 
e. CA 18-263
Application by Jonathan Brashier for a CERTIFICATE OF APPROPRIATENESS located at 5 N LAURENS ST for replacement of art spheres located at main hotel entrance. (TM# 004900-04-00102)
 . . . . 
f. CA 19-754
Application by Karen Wilson for a CERTIFICATE OF APPROPRIATENESS located at 320 FALLS ST for installation of signage at new apartment building. (TM# 026300-01-02200)
 . . . . 

C. Other Business (not a public hearing)

a. RHP 17-1027
Application by 10 Toy Street LLC for a FINAL HISTORIC PROPERTIES SPECIAL TAX ASSESSMENT on property located at 10 TOY ST. (TM# 004500-01-00700)

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Documents relating to these applications are available for review online at and in the Planning & Development Office on the 6th floor of City Hall, 206 S. Main St., Greenville, between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. You may contact the Planning & Development Office at (864) 467-4476 for more information. You will have the opportunity to voice your comments at the public hearing. Written comments, emailed to, must be received by the Monday before the hearing in order to be forwarded to the Board before the hearing. Comments received after Monday will be provided to the Board at the hearing. All comments are part of the public record. Please reference the application number on all correspondence. 

In some cases the applicant may be required as part of the application process to hold a neighborhood meeting before the application is heard by the Board. Property owners within 500’ of the application site would then be notified by mail. A property owner that directly abuts the proposed project or owners of 20% of parcels within 500’ may also request a meeting. Contact the Planning and Development Office for further instructions.
City of Greenville Planning and Development | 864-467-4476