Planning Commission


Official Public Notice



The City of Greenville, South Carolina

Public Notice

To:                   Property Owners, Owners of property located within 500 feet of the following Applications, and Neighborhood Association Representatives.

From:               Planning and Development Staff

Subject:           Upcoming Applications for February 19, 2019, Special-Called Planning Commission Meeting

Date mailed:     February 4, 2019

The City of Greenville Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing on Thursday, February 19, 2019, at 4:00 PM in the 10th Floor Council Chambers at City Hall, for the purpose of considering the following Applications:

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A.    Z-21-2018

Application by Nathan Kaser for a MAJOR MODIFICATION PD REZONE of 8.7 acres located at N PLEASANTBURG DR from PD, Planned Development District to PD, Planned Development District (TM#s 0276000300503; 0276000300518)
  1. Z-21-2018.pdf
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You are invited to review documents relating to these applications before the public hearing.  Application materials are posted online at and available for inspection in the Planning and Development Office on the 6th floor of City Hall, 206 South Main Street, Greenville, between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  You may contact the Planning Office at 864.467.4476 for more information.  Application materials are subject to change.

You will have the opportunity to voice your comments at the public hearing.  Individuals sharing similar concerns are encouraged to appoint a spokesperson to represent their group.  Alternatively, you may submit written comments to: Planning & Development Office, PO Box 2207, Greenville, SC 29602, by fax at 864.467.4510, or by email at

Written comments must be received by 2PM Monday before the hearing in order to be given adequate time for consideration by the commission before the hearing.  Comments received after 2PM Monday will be provided to the commission at the hearing.  Please reference the application number and include your name and address on all correspondence.  All comments will be made part of the public record.

In some cases the applicant may be required as part of the application process to hold a neighborhood meeting before the application is heard by the Commission. Property owners within 500’ of the application site would then be notified by mail. A property owner that directly abuts the proposed project or owners of 20% of parcels within 500’ may also request a meeting. Contact the Planning and Development Office for further instructions.

Following the public hearing, the Planning Commission will act upon the applications.  The Commission’s actions for the following types of applications constitute a Recommendation to the City Council:

  • Matters pertaining to the Comprehensive Plan
  • Amendments to the text of the Land Management Ordinance (Zoning/Land Development Regulations)
  • Amendments to the Zoning District Map (including ‘Planned Developments’ and ‘Flexible Review Districts’) – Item A (New Business)
  • Variances to the Stormwater Management Ordinance
  • Planning-related studies and plans

After the Planning Commission meeting, this item will be presented to City Council for consideration and potential action.  The City Council approved this item on the first reading on January 25, 2019, with the condition that the proposed changes be presented to the planning commission and an additional public hearing be conducted prior to the second reading.  The second reading is tentatively scheduled for February 25, 2019.  Two readings of an ordinance to either approve, or disapprove, a proposal are required.  You will not receive a separate notice of the council meeting, but you are invited to attend and register with the City Clerk if you wish to comment upon an Application at the Meeting.  You may contact the City Clerk’s Office at 864.467.4441 to verify the date of the City Council Meeting or refer to the meeting schedule reflected on the City’s web site (                       

City of Greenville Planning and Development | 864-467-4476