Alarm Registration

For those homeowners and business owners who install new or keep already installed alarms on their property, please make sure that it is registered with the Greenville Police Department. This ensures that the current contact information is on file in case the alarm is activated, especially if accidentally.

Click here to Register your Alarm System

Also, please read the City Council Burglar Alarm Ordinance (PDF).

New Burglar Alarm Ordinance Highlights

  • False Alarm – An alarm is false when, upon inspection by the Greenville Police Department, evidence indicates that no unauthorized entry, robbery, or other such crime was committed or attempted in or on the premises.
  • A false alarm is the activation of an alarm system through mechanical or electronic failure, malfunction, improper installation, or the negligence of the alarm user, his/her employees, or agents, and signals activated to summon law enforcement personnel unless law enforcement response was cancelled before law enforcement personnel arrive at the location.
  • A false alarm shall not include an alarm which can reasonably be determined to have been caused or activated by unusually violent conditions of nature nor does it include other extraordinary circumstances not reasonable subject to control by the alarm user.
  • No person shall use an alarm system without first obtaining a permit from the City.
  • Alarm permits are not transferable. Persons obtaining possession of alarm properties must file an application for an alarm permit within 30 days.
  • Properties with 2 or more separate structures having different addresses and/or tenants, require a separate permit for each structure and/or tenant.