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If you live adjacent to the Greenville city limits, there’s never been a better time to consider annexing your property. Among the many benefits of annexation are the high-quality services and public engagement opportunities the City of Greenville provides. Other benefits include enhanced police and fire protection, lower water rates (approximately 33% less) and superb neighborhood programs and support. Commercial properties may also benefit from more flexible zoning regulations than unincorporated areas of Greenville County. 

Learn more about these and other advantages of annexing your property:
Guide to Commercial Annexation (PDF)
Guide to Residential Annexation (PDF)

Learn More about Joining the City

While the majority of annexation requests we receive come from individual property owners, the City also works with neighborhoods and residential areas interested in being annexed. Upon request, the City will assist petitioners with obtaining a legal description of the property and completing the application.

Get started by contacting John Hamlett at 864-467-4473.

Annexation Application (PDF)
Annexation Petition (PDF)