October is Energy Action Month

The City of Greenville is observing Energy Action Month in October. It’s an annual opportunity to encourage energy savings through efficiency and conservation.

City Supports use of personal electric vehicles

In 2011, the City of Greenville, GE, Duke Energy, Greenville County and GSP International Airport announced a community initiative called Greening of Greenville that was designed to make Greenville more sustainable. Among the goals was to reduce the number of gasoline powered vehicles. 

The Greening of Greenville initiative included the development of an electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure and introduction of electric vehicles into the marketplace. Charging stations were installed at various locations, including GSP, downtown hotels and businesses. Enterprise deployed vehicles at GSP for visitors to use and more than 10 companies committed to a six-month test use of EVs in their fleets. Enterprise also launched a pilot of a membership-based car sharing program downtown using EVs.

To further encourage and support the use of EVs, in 2015, the City installed the Upstate’s first Level 3 charger (the fastest charger available) in the Richardson Street Garage. Today, the City provides 22 EV charging stations in 11 parking garages and two charging stations at the Greenville Zoo. While there is no cost to use the chargers (beyond the regular garage rates), there isa four-hour limit per day.