Black History, February and Beyond

BHM_hashtag-10Greenville, South Carolina has a rich and diverse history, and the contributions of its Black community have been an integral part of shaping the city and the region socially, culturally and economically. We are dedicated to preserving and sharing the stories of those who have made significant contributions to the culture and history of Greenville and its Black community, year-round. Black History extends beyond February; it's intertwined with the city's history. Through a variety of resources, including historical narratives, photographs, oral histories, and more, we aim to educate, inform and inspire future generations about the legacy of Greenville's Black community.

Our 2023 Black History Tenets

These tenets serve as a foundation we use to guide our efforts in researching and promoting Greenville Black History.

AyaHonor the Past

Recognize and respect the accomplishments and hard work of the past & older generations of African Americans in order to understand and appreciate the current state of the Black community. This includes remembering and honoring the contributions of notable figures, events, and movements that have shaped the Black experience.

SankofaLook to the Future

By understanding the past, we can learn from it and work towards a more equitable and just future for all African Americans. This means not only addressing current issues but also recognizing the efforts of Black leaders and organizations to build a better tomorrow and leave a lasting legacy.

NkonsonkonsonBuild Community

By building a sense of community and solidarity, we can support and uplift one another, and work towards a common goal of equality and justice for all. This includes supporting the creation of spaces for education, conversation, and engagement and working with organizations and communities to promote progress. We understand that actual change does not happen solely through the efforts of an individual or the collective efforts of a single organization. We must all work together as a community.