Bus Drivers

Greenlink bus drivers help meet Greenville County residents’ day-to-day needs by transporting passengers to their jobs, medical appointments, the grocery store and other important errands. Drivers are responsible for following City, County, State and Federal laws; collecting bus fare; assisting disabled passengers as needed; monitoring vehicle operation and documenting any mechanical issues; staying alert to weather conditions and ensuring passenger safety.


Hourly rates are dependent on years of experience but range from $19.60 to $24.49 an hour. Learn more about employee benefits.

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Greenlink bus driver behind the wheel


Don’t worry! Greenlink now offers in-house training with the “Bus Operator in Training” position.

Applicants who don’t have a South Carolina Class B Commercial Driver's License (CDL) will undergo training at the beginning of the program and will be required to obtain their Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP) within 2 weeks of hire and their CDL within 8 weeks.

There’s no fee to participate in the CDL training, which would normally cost you over $2,000. And, while you’re actively enrolled in our Bus Operator in Training program, you’ll earn $19 an hour.  

The program includes classroom and hands-on training and provides the skills and knowledge required to operate a public transit bus safely and independently. Trainees who complete the program will be promoted to Bus Operator. 

Want to learn more? Schedule a bus ride-along with Greenlink’s Safety & Training Specialist by calling 864-298-2750 or emailing mmorgan@greenvillesc.gov

Bus Driver Speaking to someone

Essential Job Functions of a Bus Operator

  • Operate the Transit Bus: Operate the bus in safe manner. Comply with all rules, regulations, laws and procedures. Assist persons with disabilities. Adhere to the Greenlink Operations Handbook. Ensure all technology is in working order.
  • Perform Customer Service: Provide information to customers regarding routes, scheduled, transfers, and fares. Make public service announcements. Act as a front-line point of contact.
  • Maintain Schedule and Assure Proper Fare Collection: Operate the bus on a schedule route. Provide maximum safety while maintaining time points. Coordinate detours to radio dispatch and respond to instructions. Operate fare boxes to assure proper fare collection.
  • Monitor Physical Condition of Vehicle, Perform Inspections, and File Reports: Report any mechanical problems with the bus. Assure cleanliness of seating area. Conduct and document pre-trip inspection on a daily basis. Complete post-trip inspection at the end of each shift. File necessary reports in case of accident or incident.