Short-Term Rentals 

With the growth of the "sharing economy," the City is seeing an increase in residents using popular websites like Airbnb and VRBO to offer their homes for short-term rentals.

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Review these frequently asked questions before listing your property.

Can my home be used as a short-term vacation rental?
Homes in residential zoning districts can be leased for a minimum of 30 days. Short-term rentals of less than 30 days can only operate with a permit, a license, and in non-residential zoning districts in the City where “General Lodging” is allowed. 

What are the residential zoning districts in the City?
The residential zoning districts in the City are those districts beginning with RH-, RN-, and RC-. General Lodging is not permitted in these districts.

Dwellings that are rented for 30 days or longer are regulated in the ‘Household Living’ use category and are permitted in these districts. Owners or operators who host rentals for at least 30 days, but less than 90 days must pay accommodations taxes on the property.

Use the tool at the top this page to find out which zoning district you are in.

My property is not in a residential zoning district. What are my next steps?

The City has two defined types of allowable visitor accommodations: General Lodging with up to 10 guest rooms, and General lodging with more than 10 guest rooms. These uses include hotels, motels, inns, bed and breakfasts, hostels, short-term rentals, and extended stay facilities.

General Lodging is allowed in all MX- and MXS- districts, as well as BG, BH, IX, and CM. Use the tool at the top of this page to find out which zoning district your property is in.

Owners or operators who are seeking to establish a General Lodging use must secure an Occupancy Permit and a business license from the City and must pay accommodations tax on the property.

How do I report illegal vacation rentals?
Report illegal rentals to Planning and Zoning at 864-467-4476. If a short-term rental is a nuisance (loud parties, disorderly behavior, suspicious people or activities, etc.) call police on the non-emergency line: 864-271-5333.

Can I report these properties anonymously?

I still have questions. Who should I call?
Call Greenville Cares at 864-232-2273, and your questions will be routed to the proper department.