Historic Review Board - Neighborhood Panel

The Historic Review Board (formerly DRB Neighborhood) Neighborhood Panel acts on applications for Certificate of Appropriateness in preservation overlay districts and Certification of Tax Assessment for Rehabilitated Historic Properties. The Board uses the Secretary of the Interiors Standards for Rehabilitation and the locally developed Design Guidelines for Preservation Overlay Districts.

The panel also may review and make recommendations to the planning commission on all multi-family developments regarding the appropriateness of the design 19-2.3.13.(D)(d).

Per Greenville Code of Ordinances 19-2.1.4 (2), at least two members shall be from planning or design professions and one member shall have architectural or planning expertise with an interest in preservation. All members shall have experienced, training or demonstrated interest in design, construction, preservation or planning for buildings, site design, or landscaping.

Any member of the Neighborhood Panel may serve as an alternate member of the Urban Panel, when a regular member is not available. Terms of office shall be two years and shall be staggered.

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